Doddie AID

What is Doddie AID?

Just when you thought January was going to be spent lounging on the sofa, foraging for leftover chocolate coins and counting down the days until the 6 Nations… Doddie Aid is back.

Doddie Aid is a mass participation event, encouraging you to get active in January and raise funds to help find a cure to Motor Neuron Disease. It was founded by former Scotland captain and British and Irish Lion, Rob Wainwright and raised a staggering £1M in January 2021, with 27,000 people taking part.

The event splits participants into five districts, with the winning district being the one which covers the furthest distance over the duration of the event. Last year, we covered enough miles to circumnavigate the world 87 times.

To take part and claim your free team snood, simply download the Doddie Aid app and sign up to a district by making a donation. Miles can be logged via the app - gallop, run, cycle, swim, dance, hop, skip, row, roll – any form of exercise counts. And excitingly, this year, you can compete against family, family, teammates and colleagues with our new leagues feature.

Select the links below to download the app. Please note that this will allow you to sign up and claim your free snood - but the miles tracking features won’t be available until 1st January.

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