Motor neuron disease (MND) Research




Professor Siddharthan Chandran & Professor Suvankar Pal, University of Edinburgh

£300,000* | March 2022 - February 2025

Summary:MND-SMART is an innovative UK-wide clinical trial, testing multiple MND treatments simultaneously. The adaptive nature of the trial permits dropping ineffective treatments and adding promising new ones quickly and efficiently. Foundation support has been crucial in expanding MND-SMART, funding staff at new centres and increasing participant access throughout the UK.

Why this research is important:  Supporting long-term trial capacity for clinical trials in MND will ensure that people living with MND in the UK will continue to have the opportunity to participate in research, and ensure the expertise to run clinical trials is sustained as new treatments emerge.

Find out more about MND-SMART here and the MND-SMART website.

*MND-SMART is co-funded by Euan MacDonald Centre, MND Scotland, MND Association and Alan Davidson Foundation as well as private donations.


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