Our Research Strategy

Our research strategy is to support the MND community by funding, guiding and enabling the smartest, most efficient research to expedite new treatments for MND. This will be done by collaborating with all who share our vision.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board is made up of leading research and clinical neurologists from all over the UK. We meet twice a year and regularly engage with them to seek their advice on MND research projects and developments, collaborate on multiple projects, and to gain a better understanding of MND research across the globe. The strong and trusted relationships we have with our advisors enable us to focus our research on the areas that matter most.

The team

Our Head of Medical Strategy, Sean McGrath, coordinates the Scientific Advisory Board meetings and our relationships with MND centres of excellence.


We recognise that collaborations with others in the MND community strengthens the impact we can make.

The Foundation works closely with MND charities and organisations on campaigns, awareness-raising, research strategy and funding. We also give grants to the MND Association and MND Scotland to help people living with MND.

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