Research We Fund

We are committed to funding the most promising MND research, based on specific criteria and with clear relevance and potential for those living with MND.

Our Research Priorities

All research we fund must be relevant to MND and, where possible, it should be clinically orientated, or in the translational areas between pre-clinical laboratory work and clinical trials with patients. We are also interested in research relating to health economics, burden of disease or patient relevant measurements.

These are the areas we focus on with our research funding:


Where the presence of an individual can start, or speed up, any of the research that meets our criteria.


Where existing drugs being used for other diseases could make a meaningful difference in MND.


Improving the understanding of MND, its causes and its progression, so as to help with the development of new treatments.

Gene Therapy

Research related to using gene therapy to change the cellular environment of MND.

Platform Trials

Larger-scale clinical trials testing new treatments, which include meaningful numbers of patients, aimed at curing or making a meaningful impact on MND.

Foundation-directed Research

Where we have a specific area of research that we would like to commission related to a particular aspect of MND, geographical area, new discovery, or to improve our knowledge of the disease.

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