Motor neuron disease (MND) Research

Our Scientific Advisors and Advisory Meetings

Scientific Advisory Meetings

We help to guide and shape the research agenda by bringing together leading minds across the MND research community at our Scientific Advisory Meetings. Our Scientific Advisors are esteemed experts in the MND field with expertise ranging from the biology of MND to translational and clinical research. Our Scientific Advisory Meetings encourage knowledge sharing, enable critical assessment of the latest trends and help us keep pace with advances in MND research.

Our Scientific Advisors assess and report to the Foundation on developments in MND research. The input we receive informs how we implement our research strategy, ensuring that we are adopting best practice approaches and keeping up to date with the latest developments. The strong relationships we cultivate make us a trusted voice in the MND community.

Our Scientific Advisors

Our Scientific Advisors are not involved in the peer review of our funding applications and do not provide recommendations on which research projects we should fund. Find out more about how we invest in research here.

Invited Guests

On a meeting-by-meeting basis, we invite other experts from the MND community and beyond to present or participate, helping us to introduce new insights, approaches and ways of thinking. We also invite people living with or affected by MND and stakeholders from our partner organisations to join us.

Our Host

Our Scientific Advisory Meetings are kindly hosted by Richard Scott, Duke of Buccleuch. We are hugely grateful to the Duke for his hospitality and ongoing support for the Foundation.

Previous Meetings

Learn more about what was discussed at previous meetings:

You can read the Terms of Reference for our Scientific Advisory Meetings here.

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