Transochilator Trek

Andrew Rodger's epic trek from Dunblane to Glendevon through the Ochil Hills.

Although overweight, unfit and definitely not in the first flush of youth (his words!!) Andrew Rodger pledged to walk the Transochilator on the 9th September in aid of the MNDFoundation, to try to help with the raising of awareness of the campaign and to see if he could reach his £500 fundraising target. The Transochilator is a day trek from the Sheriffmuir Inn by Dunblane to the Tormaukin Inn in Glendevon, along the spine of the Ochil Hills. Much of the day provided testing conditions but Andrew completed the walk in nine hours, buoyed along by the company of three supporters, Katie, Joe and Tom. Also Lily the dog.

Andrew was barely able to move by the finish line but he feels proud of his achievement and is very glad he did it. He has reached 70% of his fundraising goal and hopes very much to be able to persuade more supporters to help him get the sum up to 100%

Here is the link to my JustGiving page:

Here is the link to my transo' web site:  where there are photos of the day added.

The profile of the trek amounted to an overall climb of just shy of 3000’ over 13 miles as the crow flies; not a hill of beans but not a walk in the park either!


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