Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Renews Partnership

Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) has renewed its partnership with My Name’5 Doddie Foundation (MN5DF) providing continued support for the Foundation’s ongoing efforts in finding a cure for motor neuron disease and making grants available to people living with MND, enabling them to live as fulfilled a life as possible.

The global asset manager, with headquarters in Edinburgh, will once again proudly support the Foundation’s popular podcast series, the “Dodcast”. Throughout 2020 Doddie Weir OBE and Jill Douglas, MN5DF CEO, released 8 episodes covering a variety of subjects including significant updates from medical professionals researching the disease, advice, and tips for those living with MND and insight into how Doddie and his family have coped throughout lockdown.

In 2021, the Dodcast will continue to be an entertaining listen to all sports fans, whilst providing MND sufferers and their support network with guidance and expert advice to cope with this devastating disease. The MN5DF team and guests will discuss and feature topics such as key developments in research, including the recent breakthrough from the University of Edinburgh; MN5DF’s vision for the future and key fundraising initiatives throughout the year which Doddie supporters should keep an eye out for.

Jill Douglas, host of the Dodcast series commented on the partnership, “We are delighted our friends at Aberdeen Standard Investments are continuing to support the Foundation and our Dodcasts. We have received really positive feedback from people who have found the Dodcasts both informative and entertaining. Doddie is an engaging character and very candid about the challenges he faces every day. His openness and positivity are key elements of our Dodcasts and resonate with our followers. I would like to thank ASI for supporting us in this practical and vital way, they are great friends and partners of the Foundation.”

Claire Drummond, Head of Charitable Giving for Aberdeen Standard Investments said, “We’re excited for the Dodcast to continue this year. They have allowed other sufferers and their carers to get first-hand information from Doddie and advice of resources available to them in their local community, including on how to apply to the Foundation for support. We thank Doddie for sharing his experience. ASI is a proud partner of the Foundation and we will be following closely the development of the recent breakthrough from the University of Edinburgh. All the best to the Foundation for the coming year.”

Previous Dodcast episodes are still available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify (links below) and via the Foundation’s website, www.myname5doddie.co.uk. The first episode of 2021 series will be available to download from mid-March, tune in as the panel discuss MNDF’s vision for the future, recent breakthroughs in research and of course the Six Nations rugby!


Listen on Apple: https://apple.co/2SbuSjM
Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2ECBlfz

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