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Dodcast Episode 10 - Listen Now!

09 June 2021

Dodcast Episode 10 - Challenging The Experts, Fundraising Feats & Lions Plans

Doddie and Jill are joined by former Scotland international Kenny Logan to discuss the partnership between the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation and the British & Irish Lions and fundraising plans for the summer, with much excitement around the release of a new red wine and gin as well!

Plus, we hear about how the big man has been challenging the MND experts and the hope that lessons might be learned from the rollout of the Covid vaccine, which could help to reduce the time it takes for trials to take place with MND in future.

And, we hear from Hania Thompson on the wide-ranging fundraising attempts that are taking place and from Alex Glynne-Percy on the all-important digital side of the work the foundation does.

A big thanks to Aberdeen Standard Investments for supporting the Dodcast and to Tim Groves, our fantastic producer.

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Dodcast Episode 10 - Listen Now!
Doddie, Jill and Kenny Logan.
Doddie, Jill and Kenny Logan.

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