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Insights from our Advancing Treatments Award webinar

22 April 2024

Our webinar for potential applicants of the Advancing Treatment Award is now available for you to watch! 

The webinar provided information and tips on how to develop a successful application. We heard from Ang Armstrong, affected by MND, Jessica Lee, our Director of Research, Dr Richard Mead and Dr Jill Richardson, respectively Chair and Vice-Chair of the MN5DF Research Review Committee (RRC). They shared their perspectives and insights with the community. 

Our Chair and Vice-Chair of the RRC  discussed the critical aspects of validating therapeutic targets in MND research. They emphasised the importance of using robust and relevant models and the need for a clear demonstration of target engagement and pathway modulation. Ang Armstrong emphasised the need for accessible lay summaries to ensure that research proposals are understandable to those without a scientific background, which impacts funding decisions.

Our budget for the Advancing Treatments Award 2024 is £1.75 million, we invite researchers not to miss this opportunity and submit their applications before midday on the 17th of May.


Advancing Treatments Award - Webinar for Applicants
Insights from our Advancing Treatments Award webinar

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