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Km For Cows

08 October 2020

The Gidlow family are running a kilometre for every one of their cows on their dairy farm to support My Name'5 Doddie Foundation.

Cerys Gidlow explains:

"As some of you will know Dad has recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease. We want to raise money and awareness for the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation for the excellent work they're doing in trying to find a cure and supporting families like us.

We wanted to run a specific distance across the month of October but could not agree on what this would be (1 marathon vs 500 miles (each!!!)). Instead given how much Dad loves his cows, we've decided that we will be mooooving (pun intended) (running / walking) a minimum of 1km for each cow that Dad milks daily - totalling 500km across October between the four of us (Carys, Bethan, Chris and Amar) and Mum. 

We've picked My Name'5 Doddie as this resonates well with us as a farming and rugby loving family!"


My Name'5 Doddie Foundation Logo - Motor Neurone Disease Charity
Km For Cows

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