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Launching Soon: Our Flagship Grant Scheme

22 March 2023

  • My Name’5 Doddie Foundation is more determined than ever to drive forward research that will contribute towards our vision of a world free of MND
  • We will soon be launching our new Research Strategy and flagship grant scheme
  • Opening to applications next month, our Project Awards will fund the most promising projects to translate scientific breakthroughs into effective new treatments for MND
  • Later in the year, we’ll be announcing our Catalyst Awards to encourage researchers to pursue forward-looking ideas and build the evidence they need to take them to the next level

We continue to receive amazing support and our Doddie Aid campaign provided a fantastic platform for the year ahead. Now, we’re preparing to launch our new Research Strategy "Catalysing a Cure" and grant scheme that will ensure the funds we’re continuing to raise will support cutting edge research, with the needs and priorities of our community at its heart.

As part of our commitment to fund the smartest, most efficient research to expedite the development of new treatments for MND, we've recently become introductory members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). We are working to AMRC principles of peer review and have formed a Research Review Committee (RRC), a group of independent experts including academics, clinicians, industry representatives and people affected by MND, who will rigorously assess all applications to the grant scheme to ensure only the best research with the greatest potential is funded. We are delighted to announce that the RRC will be chaired by Dr Richard Mead of the University of Sheffield, and we are looking forward to introducing the other members soon.

Our grant scheme will initially comprise two awards: a Project Award and Catalyst Award.

Project Awards: Opening for Applications on Monday 17th April

Through our 2023 Project Awards, we will be searching for the most promising research with the biggest potential to develop life-changing treatments for people living with MND. Our focus will be on treatments to slow, stop or reverse the progression of MND, but we will also consider treatments to better manage symptoms, where it could transform the lives of people living with this devastating condition. Find out more about the scope of our Project Awards at the end of this article.

Catalyst Awards

As part of our commitment to invest in innovative new approaches to tackle MND, we will be offering Catalyst Awards, of a maximum of £50k for up to 1 year. We hope these awards will enable researchers to gather the proof-of-principle evidence they need to demonstrate the potential of new approaches and ways of thinking, to attract larger-scale investment and onward development. Applications for our first Catalyst Awards will open later in 2023.

For Researchers: Further Information About Our 2023 Project Awards


We will support projects that aim to robustly validate therapeutic targets and/or develop novel or repositioned pharmacological interventions through preclinical development including efficacy testing, PK/PD, ADME/toxicology, target engagement and other IND-enabling studies. 

We will prioritise projects with the potential to be effective across a broad range of people living with MND. All projects should incorporate biomarker and patient stratification strategies where relevant, and have a clear plan for commercialisation and onward development towards the clinic.

Eligibility and Funding

Lead applicants should be based in a UK academic institution or biotech company. Collaborators can be based anywhere in the world and can include contract research organisations. 

Awards are for a maximum of £500k for up to 5 years. Please note, the average size of our previous and ongoing awards is £250k. The total fund available for this grant round is ~£1.5m.

Projects that leverage additional sources of funding or in-kind support will be viewed favourably.

Key dates

Applicants can submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) from Monday 17th April, until Friday 12th May. Those projects deemed in scope and with the greatest potential to contribute to our vision of a world free of MND, will be invited to submit a full application. We anticipate making awards in October with November being the earliest start date for projects.

Full details of the award will be published on our website on Monday 17th April.

Hear About Future Funding Opportunities

If you would like to hear about future funding opportunities, you can sign up by following this link

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Launching Soon: Our Flagship Grant Scheme

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