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My Name’5 Doddie Foundation becomes an Introductory Member of the AMRC

15 March 2023

  • We are delighted to share that the Foundation has become an Introductory Member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).
  • Membership is a hallmark of quality research funding and demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest standards in all our funding processes.
  • Funding will be awarded through open competition and according to the AMRC’s principles of peer review.
  • Researchers will benefit from additional funds from the Charity Research Support Fund.


What is the AMRC?

The AMRC is a membership organisation that supports medical research charities in funding the best research by developing guides, providing training and carrying out audits of funding processes. Among other activities, they meet with policymakers to give member charities a collective voice that is heard, publish position statements that communicate member charities’ united stance on key sector issues and drive positive change. 

What does membership mean for the Foundation?

We will receive practical help and support in aligning our funding processes to those recommended by the AMRC to ensure that we deliver research of the highest quality. We will be able to connect with over 150 other members of the AMRC, through networking and training events, to share ideas and learn from each other. Furthemore, by awarding funding through open competition, researchers in English universities will be able to leverage additional funding for the ‘indirect’ costs of research (such as estates, I.T., and administration overheads) from the government’s Charity Research Support Fund.

As introductory members, we have made a commitment to fulfill the requirements of full membership within 2 years. Requirements include having a published research strategy (for this, you only need to wait one more month!). We have already implemented the AMRC’s standards in peer review, ensuring that applications that come through the Foundation are rigorously reviewed by independent experts in the field, and this process will be audited routinely to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Jessica Lee, My Name’5 Doddie Foundation’s Director of Research said “Becoming a member of the AMRC demonstrates our commitment to funding the highest quality research that will have the greatest impact for people living with MND. By aligning our processes to the highest of sector standards, our supporters can be absolutely sure that the money they raise is being spent in the right way. This is an exciting period of growth for the Foundation and AMRC membership is just one of the ways we are showing our position as a key player in the MND research landscape.”

My Name’5 Doddie Foundation becomes an Introductory Member of the AMRC
My Name’5 Doddie Foundation becomes an Introductory Member of the AMRC

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