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Red Tape Cut to Allow United to End MND Campaign to Progress

27 June 2022

After weeks of tough talks with MPs and civil servants, neurologists now have a way of applying for £50million of funding which they are positive will allow them to focus on finding effective treatments for the rapidly progressing terminal condition.

Lee Millard, who is living with MND and came up with the idea of the campaign with another patient, David Setters, said: "There has been flexibility shown by the Government.

"The processes that would have been prohibitively restrictive for the £50million MND mission are now being streamlined with the new partnership and with the help of Government departments.

"Our researchers are increasingly confident that this new model will enable the funds to be released efficiently."

Former rugby union star Doddie Weir, who is also living with MND, said: "I'm happy we're finally making progress with accessing the promised money but it's frustrating that it has taken this long.

"I think the Prime Minister and Health Secretary are genuinely keen to fulfil their promises but red tape seems to slow everything down.

"People with MND don't have time on their side, so we must keep pushing and working together if MND is ever going to be beaten.

"That element of hope is essential."

Words by The Sunday Express

Red Tape Cut to Allow United to End MND Campaign to Progress

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