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A chance encounter at Melrose Rugby Club has inspired a driver to support My Name'5 Doddie Foundation through the popular Super Lap Scotland motor sport event series.

Marty Brown picks up his story: "After attending Melroses Sevens from a young age, around 5 or 6, I had seen Doddie on the pitch and on TV many times. The first time I met Doddie face to face, or at least face to knee to start with lol, was at Melrose. I have a picture of myself with Doddie in the Melrose Clubhouse entrance (I will send a copy), Doddie took time to chat to me and asked me several questions: One of which was, what do you want to be when you grow up, to which I replied: "As tall as you" which made Doddie chuckle along with near by onlookers."

"Fast forward a couple of years and I am at Murrayfield with my father to watch a Scotland game, after the game finished, we made our way down past the players' bus pick up point. I was again lucky enough to meet Doddie, albeit in a slightly different setting this time. The bus area was very busy with fans, all shouting and pushing to try and meet their heros and favorite players. I had quite a reserved nature, I stood back and watched what was going on. Doddie appears and was instantly mobbed with people looking for autographs and game gear, socks, shirt etc. 
At this point I assumed I would get lost in the ensuing chaos, but Doddie, being the gentleman that he is, leaned out over the crowd and gave me a Gold Thistle Pin, that I still have to this day!"

"I think Doddie must of noticed I was patiently waiting at the back and leaned over to very kindly give me this pin."

"With only a couple of brief encounters with Doddie, his true character shone through. I would be extremely privileged to help the Doddie Foundation in anyway I can. If I can give back a little of what Doddie gave to me all those years ago I would be honoured."

Martyl is competing in Super Lap Scotland and his car shows off the distinctiuve Doddie'5 tartan at the series of events. Here is how the team did in Round 1.

Marty: "This is my 3rd year in SLS after starting out in pretty much a standard road car. My second year I changed several parts of the car to be more competitive but essentially it is still a road car with some nice bolt on parts."

"After winning King of the Hill last yea,r I decided I wanted to go more "Race Car" this year and move up a class to E."

"This is all well and good, provided you get all the upgrades finished in time to do some testing... which I did not.."

"I managed to get the car together for Saturday to head up for scrutineering, cutting it so fine I didn’t even get a chance to wash the car! I had a lot to figure out in a short time as this was the first chance I had to drive the car with all the new parts added."

"After a long winter waiting for race season to start, it was great to get back to Knockhill Racing Circuit for the first round of Super Lap Scotland - awesome sunny weather made for a cracking day all round."

"I’m proud to be Supporting My Name'5 Doddie Foundation to help raise awareness for Motor Neuron Disease, keep your eyes peeled for ways to support this fantastic Foundation."


I went out to push on a bit more this time, see how the car felt a bit closer to the edge. By now the track temp was good for the tyres, but you could cook them quite easily if you weren’t careful. 1:00.449, happy with that.


Time to try a bit harder, some points at stake now. Traffic was a bit of a factor in qualifying, a bit tricky to try and get an uninterrupted lap, on the whole people moved earlier and clearly which was good. The main issue was 3 red flag stoppages, which turned qualifying into more of several super lap final sessions lol. 59.810 lap, sub minute lap and 2nd in class, I’ll take that!


I’d decided no heroics as I’d only had 40-50 mins in the car so far. Out onto track and back into the one lap mindset. I thought I’d made a bit of a mess of my exit from the hairpin to start my flying lap, but possibly not that bad judging by the end time. The lap was quite good, room for improvement in a few areas though so hopefully more time to find.

Over the line with a 58.743!! Absolutely buzzing! 1st in class! 



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