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Everest Base Camp for a Cure

Saturday 28 October 2023 to Monday 30 October 2023

Everest Base Camp, Khumjung 56000, Nepal

Hear why Paul has decided to take on the hike up Everest Base Camp with his Dad Bob. 

Just after we started dating, my partner's father, Mark Martin, received a devastating diagnosis - Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Witnessing his journey was nothing short of heart-wrenching. This vibrant and inspirational man gradually lost his voice and mobility, but his indomitable spirit shone through. His thumbs-up gesture became a beacon of communication, and it's a symbol that will forever stay etched in our hearts.

Now, we embark on a journey to pay tribute to his memory and countless others affected by MND. We've chosen Everest Base Camp as our battleground because we love the outdoors, and we wanted this challenge to reflect the immense struggle that MND patients face every day. It's not just a walk in the park; it's a grueling 14-day trek through harsh terrain and punishing altitudes raising up to 17,598ft (5,364 metres). The physical and mental demands mirror the relentless battle against MND.

Throughout our journey, we'll share pictures and videos to bring you along with us. You'll witness the breathtaking landscapes, the challenges we face, and the determination in our eyes.

But this journey isn't just about us. It's about raising funds to support the My Name's Doddie Foundation and their fight against MND. Our goal is to raise a minimum of £1,000, and we're ready to raise the bar if we reach it. Every pound you donate will bring us one step closer to finding a cure for this devastating disease.

Join us in this extraordinary journey towards Everest Base Camp. Your support, your donations, and your belief in our mission will be our driving force. Together, we can honor the memory of my partner's father and countless others, and we can strive for a world where no one has to face the pain of MND.

Donate now and be a part of our Everest Base Camp expedition for a cure. Together, we can conquer MND and reach new heights of hope and possibility.

Everest Base Camp for a Cure
Everest Base Camp for a Cure

Everest Base Camp, Khumjung 56000, Nepal

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