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Women Run Strong for MND

Sunday 21 April 2024

Vogerie Park, Gorebridge, Gorebridge EH23 4NU

Avril Mahon Roberts, Founder of Women Run Strong details why she has decided to start the iniative below. We encourage anyone that feels able to get involved, by registering through the form.

"Women Run Strong supports women in their running and in their lives. Today and every day, many women are living with MND and many more are supporting people with MND. It is a life changing experience for everyone who it touches.

25 years ago my Dad died of MND,. He was a farmer and lived an active life, until age 65 he had the devastating diagnosis of MND. He died eight months later. MND can affect anyone.

In spite of great efforts, there is still no cure. This fundraiser in his memory is a small step towards finding the cure, and supporting the women, men and families now living with MND.

We will run 5km or 10km to raise awareness for MND. We are inspired by the strength and courage of those living with MND. Some people may choose to run longer: 25km, each 1km marking a year since our Dad passed away.

Funds are urgently needed in order to find a cure for MND. Thank you so much for donating."

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Women Run Strong for MND
Women Run Strong for MND

Vogerie Park, Gorebridge, Gorebridge EH23 4NU

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